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Conservative Dentistry
(Tooth Filling)
Restoring healthy teeth

conservative dentistry in KR Puram, Bangalore

Our Conservative dentists in KR Puram deal with the diagnosis, and integrated management of diseases of teeth including the most common cavities. Rehabilitation of the dentition to aesthetic and functional remedies required by each individual is a major part. This conservative dentistry treatment in KR Puram is also an inevitable knowledge base for cases like traumatic injuries that often happen to the anterior teeth commonly in children and adults. 

dental tooth filling in KR Puram, bangalore 

Dental tooth fillings treatment in KR Puram helps to save the decayed tooth from getting further damaged. The decay is cleaned properly from the tooth & then the proper dental filling is made. This fills the gap caused due to cavity removal & protects it from further developing a cavity.

what are Dental Fillings?

Dentist removes the decayed portion of the tooth & fills the cavity area with biocompatible material. Dental fillings are also used to repair fractured / broken teeth. They are required to protect the shape & health of the tooth to make it easy to chew & prevent further decay. 

when do you need dental fillings?

Dental filling in Kr Puram, Bangalore at nimi DENTAL determines if you need dental fillings on the basis of the following given cases;

1) Tooth decay: To protect the hole in the enamel of the teeth by filling them with the goal of protecting the inner pulp of the teeth where the blood vessels & nerves are contained.

2) Fractured or broken teeth: Where enamel has chipped off, exposing the tooth to the high probability of getting decay.

3) Restoration of worn-out or eroded teeth.

4) Aesthetic & maintain the functional purpose of teeth.

what is the cost of dental filling in KR Puram, Bangalore?

The cost of tooth fillings in KR Puram depends on the below-given factors;

1) How many teeth need fillings: The more teeth that need treatment, the higher the cost.

2) Which teeth need fillings: Cavity fillings in molars, or other hard-to-reach places.

3) Size and surfaces of the cavity: If the cavity is deep sandwich technique is done (Base + Filling). If filling of the restorative surface is more than one then the cost will vary.

4) Location: The costs of dental treatments vary by region.

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