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(Root Canal Treatment)
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Our Endodontists in KR Puram deal with the diagnosis, and integrated management of diseases of teeth including the most common cavities. Rehabilitation of the dentition to aesthetic and functional remedies required by each individual is a major part. This conservative dentistry treatment is also an inevitable knowledge base for cases like traumatic injuries that often happen to the anterior teeth commonly in children and adults. Endodontics is more concerned with issues surrounding the tooth. Root canal treatment is a common term for this advanced treatment which requires more specialist skills and practice.

root canal treatment in KR Puram

Root canal treatment is a dental procedure that is used to treat dental pain caused by infections on the pulp area of the tooth. Our endodontist in KR Puram uses advanced tools and techniques to reach deep into the tooth, remove the pulp infection & fill it with a medicated filling material. Removal of the infected pulp stops the pain and further development of the infection. But if left untreated the infection surrounding the tooth will eventually cause loss of the tooth.

symptoms of root canal treatment

If you experience any of the symptoms described below we would recommend you see an endodontist in KR Puram for consultation because you may need a root canal:

1) If you have a tender or swollen gum
2) A tooth that is painful especially when touched
3) If your tooth is sensitive to hot and cold
4) A tooth that is damaged
5) If you experience throbbing tooth pain

 does root canal treatment hurt?

Depending on the severity of the infection there may be discomfort and sometimes pain. Our best endodontists in KR Puram work hard to ensure you remain comfortable throughout your procedure and undergo a painless root canal procedure in KR Puram.

what is the cost of root canal treatment in KR Puram, Bangalore?

The cost of root canal treatment in KR Puram, Bangalore depends on many factors like:

1) Position of the affected tooth.
2) Amount of destruction of the tooth
3) The severity of the infection
4) Swelling or bone infection

treatment options: root canal treatment vs. tooth extraction

It’s a good idea to try to preserve the natural tooth with a root canal and crown rather than having the tooth extracted. However, there are circumstances when extracting the tooth is a wise choice.  To find out what is the best treatment option for you schedule a Consultation!

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