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  • January 03, 2022
All you need to know about Wisdom Tooth Extraction in KR Puram, Bangalore
All you need to know about Wisdom Tooth Extraction in KR Puram, Bangalore

According to studies, one of the most painful experiences for a human being is the removal of wisdom teeth. It is not a compulsory activity to participate in, however, if you have ever been a victim of wisdom teeth pain, you know how important it is to get it extracted before it becomes a bigger problem. Before we jump into the entire process of wisdom tooth extraction and why it is important, let us first understand what they are below.

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

If we go by history, according to anthropologists, the existence of wisdom teeth comes from our ancestors who possessed a set of molars towards the end of the mouth to help them chew rough & hard food items like meats, nuts, roots, etc. However, now, according to biologists, with the entire evolution, the purpose of the set of molars passed on from the ancestors is no longer needed.

In dental terms, the third set of flatter molar teeth in the back of the mouth enables the breaking down of the food with easy grinding. Almost all adults have two sets of these with two on top and two on the bottom. It is not compulsory for all adults to have wisdom teeth or to have four wisdom teeth together. It is present in the mouth since the age of 12 years what is under the gum line, however, from the age of 17 to 25 years, they start trying to erupt to come up towards the surface over the gum line.

Why Is Wisdom Tooth Extraction Important?

Known as one of the most common dental procedures worldwide, wisdom tooth removal or extraction is the process of removing the wisdom teeth or tooth that is causing unbearable pain and other dental concerns for a patient. The procedure of extraction of wisdom tooth depends upon the position of the teeth and various other related factors.

Before you decide to get the wisdom tooth extraction in KR Puram, Bangalore, or any other place in Bangalore, it is important to ask the right questions to the dentist before you begin with the wisdom tooth extraction and they include the following.

● The cost of the entire wisdom tooth extraction procedure.

● All details about any complications that can be present during or after the completion of wisdom tooth extraction.

● Post extraction instructions after the completion of the wisdom tooth extraction surgery.

● The maximum recovery period after successful wisdom tooth extraction.

● List of complications if any.

Always ask your dentist all your queries and concerns to ensure you are well-informed about the procedure.

There are multiple reasons why it is important to get the wisdom tooth extraction in KR Puram, Bangalore because there is no one reason that determines the requirement for the same.

The wisdom teeth in the mouth can be impacted in numerous ways like:

● They can be stuck under the gum line causing pain and discomfort to the patient,

● They can come up on the gum line at a different angle as opposed to the one they desired to come out as causing interruption with the other teeth along with pain and discomfort too,

● Lack of space available for the wisdom teeth to grow out with the other teeth resulting in them pressing against each other and causing pain in the jaw, etc.

● Additionally, common concerns like cavities or any other type of gum disease also play a major role as they can start developing in the wisdom tooth or teeth, causing pain and discomfort which can only be resolved by an extraction.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Procedure

The cost of the wisdom tooth extraction in KR Puram, Bangalore, or any other city or state is not fixed as it is directly dependent on the type of procedure you choose. Along with the procedure, the number of teeth to be extracted also contributes to the overall cost of the wisdom tooth/teeth extraction. The most common procedures include the following.

1) The first is the simple tooth extraction procedure which is the removal of the wisdom tooth / teeth that are fully erupted and are in the right position and form.

2) The second is the surgical wisdom tooth extraction along with soft tissue impaction wherein the gum is cut in ways to make the extraction easier and convenient, after which the got is then sutured back to complete the operation.

3) The last popular procedure is surgical extraction of the wisdom tooth – teeth along with bony impaction wherein an initial examination are conducted and the cost of anesthesia is also added up to the total procedure cost.

Overall, to conclude, the decision of getting your wisdom tooth extraction in KR Puram, Bangalore, or any other city or state can be a big decision. However, the pain is not worth it and so as soon as you start to feel uneasy and the pain becomes uncomfortable, consult a dentist. Ask all your questions and queries and make a more conclusive decision regarding your wisdom tooth / teeth extraction. It is a very common surgery but it does require patience and the willingness to wait till recovery.

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